What is Delta 8 THC?

It's literally almost exactly Delta 9 THC - which is the active ingredient in cannabis. As far as effects, it’s hard to tell the difference - its one of the many other cannabinoids you’ll find in cannabis - except its legal on a federal legal due to the 2018 farm bill - read more about that here.


So, wait you will ship.. what is essentially weed - to me?

Yes. We will, so long as youre in the US. We don’t ship outside the US.


And this is legal where I live?

Actually - while we will ship to you, its your responsibility to look into your local laws and regulations. 39 states have no regulations on delta 8 thc. Aside from those states - there are some various regulations from state to state, county to county. As we said, its your responsibility to look into these. We will ship our products to you, but we cannot be held responsible for any violations of your local laws.


Can I drive or use heavy machinery when using these products?

Absolutely not. Just like cannabis - this will intoxicate you, in a very similar way


What about drug tests? Will this show up?

Very likely. We’ve heard of varying results but to be safe : assume these will show up as THC on a drug test


I'm a little confused - I’ve tried CBD before and it didn’t get me high

please don’t be confused. We began our company to sell CBD - hence the name CBDX. But we no longer sell CBD dominant products - we have gone entirely in on Delta 8 THC - which are all psychoactives.


Do I need to be a certain age to order these?

Yes - you need to be 21 or over.


Im still a little surprised - this is going to get me ‘stoned’ and yet this is legal?

Yes - we think its as crazy as you do - but this is due to a legal loophole created by the 2018 farm bill. We don’t know how long this will last, so we recommend stocking up while you can.


How strong are the gummies?

Extremely strong - start with HALF of a gummy at first, and wait a couple hours until you know how you will react to them.


How much do I need when using the vape products?

Take 1-2 puffs and wait the first time… you’ll quickly realize how your tolerance and reaction to these products are


How is the ‘flower’ different from regular cannabis?

Its hardly different. Our recommendation is to think of it as about 80% the strength of standard cannabis flower.

Do you have an affiliate program so I can earn money referring people?

Yes - Check it out here! 

I still have more questions - who do I contact

Reach out to us anytime at info@cbdx.com we are happy to answer any questions.