What are Delta 8 Moonrocks

What are Delta 8 Moonrocks - CBDX.com

Delta 8 cannabis has a lot to offer from traditional flower, gummy edibles, thc distillate carts, and even droppers. A unique addition to this diverse selection are Delta 8 Moonrocks, which have been often overlooked by the cannabis community. Despite this, they offer a whole lot of benefits that cannot always be attained by other Delta 8 products. If you're looking to sink into your couch after a long day of tiring and stressful work Moonrocks may be right for you. 


What do Moon Rocks Offer?

Delta 8 THC Moonrocks offer a powerful high that can rival even the strongest of Delta 8 THC gummies. Moonrocks can be up to 3x potent as Delta 8 flower, and the effects speak for themselves. Compared to Delta 8 flower, which offers a more energetic high, Moonrocks bring on an overpowering high that will often leave you in a state of complete relaxation and euphoria. Another benefit of Moonrocks is that they come at a low price for their high potency compared to Distillate and edibles. This unique product can be found on CBDx alongside flower and carts. 

How are Moonrocks Made?

Moonrocks like any other cannabis product start with traditional flower, and in this case Delta 8 flower. After the flower has been collected it is covered in Delta 8 distillate. It may look like a sticky mess at this stage, but this is required for the next stage in the process. After the distillate has dried on the flower it is now covered in kief, which gives the Moonrocks its extreme potency. Once this is complete, another drying process binds the Moonrocks together and creates the final product. Now that the product is now in a smokable form it can be put in any pipe, bong, or even a joint and smoked to your pleasure. Moonrocks of the highest quality can be found at CBDx for a great price that is impossible to beat!

What’s the best way to smoke Moonrocks?

The best way to smoke moonrocks is to have a normal bowl packed with some flower and the Moonrock packed on top of it. This helps prevent any clogging that may happen with just the dense Moonrock packed in a bowl. After it’s all packed you should take a light hit as you may not be used to smoking Moonrocks, which can cause some coughing fits. Both the flower and Moonrocks can be found on CBDx for great prices and even better quality!