CBDX.com Announces THC Vape Cartridge Improvement

CBDX.com Announces THC Vape Cartridge Improvement

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Summary: CBDX.com has announced that they’ll be upgrading the materials they use in their THC cartridge hardware.

The THC vaping industry has seen another innovative push forward thanks to CBDX.com, a privately held, US-based company that has recently announced that they will be upgrading the materials they use in their THC + HHC vape cartridges. 

Currently, the industry standard is to use steel parts with a metallic heating coil and a cotton wick. CBDX.com has announced that, moving forward, they’ll be manufacturing the same part using zirconia with ceramic heating elements. 

This announcement comes on the back of plenty of behind-the-scenes work, which found that the new materials the company will be using will bring a host of advantages to the customer, without any downsides. 

For one thing, cartridges made from ceramic and zirconia have been shown to be better from a health perspective. This is because metal coils come with a risk of oxidizing, which could release harmful chemicals into the user’s lungs, especially when used at high temperatures. The use of ceramic and zirconia, which do not oxidize, eliminates this risk. In addition, the removal of the cotton wick further reduces the risk of harmful chemicals being released.

There are flavor benefits, too. Users want a smooth, clean taste of the product, and that’s just what the more advanced cartridges can provide. Steel may have been used in the past because of its ease of access, but since it’s not a neutral material, there has always been some impact on the overall flavor. It wasn’t uncommon for users to experience a metallic taste due to interaction with the steel. Furthermore, burned cotton wicks — a common phenomenon — further reduced the flavor. The new cartridges allow for the preservation of the original flavor of the THC and CBD oil being used.

The health and flavor benefits are, in part, due to the efficiency of ceramic and zirconia. These elements distribute and retain their heat extremely well. Whereas steel is effective at heating at the point of heat, ceramic will distribute the heat evenly, allowing for more consistent vaporization. The materials also work effectively at lower temperatures, which helps to prevent the issue of overheating that is commonly seen in steel cartridges. 

As the THC vaping trend continues to grow, customers are also looking for longer-lasting products. In the past, there have been too many issues with customers facing issues with the breakdown of their products, which impacts their experience and the industry as a whole. In comparison with steel cartridges, ceramic and zirconia have been shown to withstand the pressures of repeated use much better. This means that they’ll work better and for longer. Aside from the benefits to the customer that this offers, there’s also an environmental benefit — longer-lasting products mean less production and fewer products ending up in the landfill. 

Though this innovation marks a leap forward for CBDX.com’s products, customers will be pleased to note that they will continue to enjoy the same great price as always. The company recognizes that its cost-per-product will increase and that its margins will be lower. 

However, this is a trade-off that the company is happy to make. It’s anticipated that the new products will provide an improved customer experience and satisfaction, which in turn will increase repeat sales and encourage word-of-mouth purchases. It’s an investment in the quality of the product and the future of their business; after all, happy customers are unlikely to go anywhere else. While there’ll be an initial hit to the company’s profitability, in the near future, there’s hope that production can increase and that the cost of producing and selling these items will reduce. 

There’s been a lot of innovation in the field of THC cartridges in the past ten years. With the market for these products growing year-on-year, there’s a need for the production of reliable and well-functioning cartridges that also enhance the flavor and health benefits of THC. With the announcement that CBDX.com will transition to new ceramic and zirconia cartridges without any additional cost to the customer, it seems that the days of steel and cotton cartridges are coming to an end. 

As the leading seller of THC products, including infused gummies and vape products, to Americans over the age of 21, it seems that CBDX.com’s reputation as a leader within the industry is about to grow a little brighter. And it’s possible that, in the coming years, companies that wish to stay ahead in the THC cartridge industry will need to adjust their manufacturing practices to bring them in line with those of forward-thinking companies. 

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