Cannabis Edibles: Where to Find Sugar-Free THC Gummies

Cannabis Edibles: Where to Find Sugar-Free THC Gummies -
Cannabis-infused edibles have become popular in states across the country since they became legalized as a discreet and healthy way to consume cannabis. You can't even tell these products contain cannabis! Why? Because of one key ingredient: sugars and sweeteners.

In edibles, what sweeteners are used?

As a result, a variety of sweeteners or sugars can be used in the manufacturing of edibles. Granulated cane sugar is the most popular, since it is the most versatile and crystallizes when hard candy is made. Maltitol and sorbitol are also valuable sweeteners, but they are not ideal. The highest quality gummies without sugar are usually made with Monk Fruit Syrup or Allulose.

For those looking to steer clear of traditional sugars or artificial sweeteners, there are a few natural alternatives. Honey and molasses have a sweet taste and are also healthy. For those seeking sugar alternatives for edibles, CBDX uses allulose and monkfruit instead of sugar.

What is the purpose of sweeteners in edibles?

The primary reason sweeteners are such an essential ingredient is because, without the right amount of flavoring, edibles can end up tasting a lot like what’s in them. Sugars and flavorings help mask the bitter, earthy flavors of marijuana extracts like THC and CBD. They also prolong the shelf life of edibles and allow them to be stored at room temperature or sold.

What are the benefits of bulk sweeteners in the edible manufacturing process?

Choosing a sugar product for commercial edibles should be based on its ability to be used in bulk. Since they’re naturally derived and allow for smaller amounts of sugar in recipes, high-intensity sugar substitutes such as Stevia and monk fruit are considered "healthier" alternatives. Only CBDX can offer these alternatives on a large scale.

Each edible manufacturer relies heavily on sugars and sweeteners, so obtaining the best ingredients at a good price is crucial. Contact us if you need information about our industries, products, or distribution. We supply everything from cane sugar to sorbitol to molasses, so you can keep making quality products on time.

With our Sugar-Free, Keto Friendly Gummies, CBDX offers THC and Cannabis edibles without any added sugar.