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Pure Delta 8 THC / HHC Oil (Dabs)


Perfect for dabbing: we are proud to offer our pure oil - a propriety blend of Delta 8 THC Oil and HHC blended with our incredible all natural terpenes for amazing strain specific aroma, flavor, and effect

. Comes in a nonstick silicone container which will help in getting every last bit off the bottom.

Sold in jars of 4 grams (actual weight varies between 5 - 6 grams) in your choice of clear acrylic or white silicone.

Pro's and Con's -

Acrylic container is a beautiful diamond shape and will keep the color of the oil much lighter - beautiful presentation. However, very difficult to get the last bits off the bottom end.

Silicone Container - it's very bland. Not as beautiful, but very useful. Also oxygen is able to change the color of the oil to be darker. However, silicone is nonstick and you will be able to get every last but off of the container.

The color change does not change the potency or taste. It is purely visual.

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