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Naturally Flavored Delta 8 Oil And HHC Dabs


Perfect for dabbing: we are proud to offer our pure dab oil - a propriety blend of Delta 8 THC Oil and HHC blended with our incredible all natural terpenes for amazing strain specific aroma, flavor, and effect

These are unlike anything you've ever tried before. 

So you're thinking - the oil has fruit flavors? Oh no, they must have added some artificial or even natural food flavoring.

Absolutely not.

We would never put food flavoring into our vape or smoking products. 

What we've done here is use naturally extracted terpenes (the compounds in plants that give them their aroma and flavor) and infused them to recreate some of nature's best flavors.

These are entirely safe to smoke, vape, or digest.

Sold in jars of 4 grams (actual weight varies between 5 - 6 grams). Unfortunately, there's no choice between clear acrylic or white silicone jar. Each flavor is in what it is in. We cannot honor any request to change them.

There is very few of each flavor, supplies are very limited.