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These products will intoxicate you. Never drive or operate heavy machinery when using them.

Delta 8 THC / HHC Gummies


Perhaps the most powerful Delta 8 THC / HHC gummies on the market: take just ONE and wait a while before taking a second one. 

The Delta 8 Gummies have an effect similar to a Sativa THC: Energizing, Creative, Uplighting.

The HHC (hexahydrocannabinol) Gummies will get you stoned just the same, but with more of an Indica THC style effect: Couchlocked, Comfortable, Sleepy.

HHC is more expensive than Delta 8 THC at the moment. Both bottles of the gummies are the same price - but the D8 gummies have 30 gummies per bottle, and the HHC have 20 per bottle.

Read more about the differences here.

As with all CBDX Delta 8 and HHC products - never drive or operate heavy machinery while using these products. 


CURRENTLY SOLD OUT: Orders placed today will ship on Monday, May 16th. If you have already ordered, your order will ship much soon.